WOBBLERS & TODDLERS- Through supervised play in a planned, stimulating environment,
toddlers rapidly acquire a foundation of basic skills and capacities during the first two years.
Motor skills develop, early language begins, traces of complex thinking appear and important
social and emotional developments occur by interacting with peers and adults.

PRESCHOOL-  Preschool children enjoy spending time with other youngsters their own age and
becoming involved with group activities.  Structured educational programs introduce them to
basic concepts in language arts, math, science and social studies.  We have specifically designed
learning centers for individual and group projects that encourage children to make discoveries
about themselves, fellow beings and the world we all share and live in.

PRE-KINDERGARTEN-  Pre-kindergarten children exhibit growing physical and intellectual
independence made possible by acquired physical skills and complex language.  Daily structured
educational programs stress language arts, math, science, social studies and various skills.  We
have the CREATIVE CURRICULUM There are also fields trips and end of the year graduation
ceremony.  Creativity is encouraged and learning experiences presented as a healthy mixture of
fun and challenge at our learning center.

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM-  The program is attended by kindergarten and elementary school
children.  We offer a safe, stimulating environment. After school is spent finishing homework,
engaging in physical fitness and exciting games with special friends. The children are helped with
their homework.    A mid-afternoon snack is served.   
We also offer Hip Hop and Ballet!